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Access Scanning: The Copy Service Los Angeles Trusts

When it comes to copying or printing large numbers of documents, most offices – even ones who have high-end copier and printers – are unable to handle the workload. Just as shredding services are often needed to handle large quantities of sensitive documents that need to be destroyed, so too can a wide-ranging copying or printing project push standard copiers and printers to their limit. Large runs of copies will overheat even high quality machines, lead to delays from paper jams, and cost hundreds of dollars in ink alone.

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Four Best Practices For Reducing Paper Jams While Copying

We have all been there before. You start a major copying project and thirty pages into it, that irritating beep letting you know that there is a paper jam. Now you must look for the jam, open up the copier, and remove the jam. Once you get the machine going again, ten pages into the project you have another jam. The cycle seems to perpetuate itself.One of the aspects of copy machines that is a mainstay in their operation is the fact that they will jam. However, the there are some good practices that you can use in order to minimize these jams. In doing so you will save time, save money, and lower aggravation within the office.

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Reliable Scanning Services Are The Key To Medical Records Going Digital

What is HIPAA ?

HIPAA Stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and it was created to protect patient's information and make the health system more efficient. The privacy rule standards address the use and disclosure of individual's health information. All individuals, businesses and their employees that have access to ePHI or PHI must learn the standards of this HIPAA rule."

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The Digital Advantage: Digitization of Files through Document Imaging

We've all been there. An office with an inefficient, outdated filing system that seems to rely more on intuition, guesswork, and voodoo than any sort of recognizable degree of organization. Many times this is the result of too many hands being involved in the process. For example, one individual believes in filing by first name, another by last name, and a third by some kind of phantasmagorical concept whispered to them as they sat in a fairy circle at the witching hour.

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Three Easy Tips for Going Paperless in Your Office

In today's business world, especially among small business entities, the quest for going paperless is picking up substantial steam. Going to a paperless office is not only good for "going green", but will also help to organize files much better while saving a ton of room in the office itself.Because of this move towards being more paperless, several different document management solutions have gotten to be quite popular. Mobile phones, tablet computers, and apps like Evernote, give a whole new world of being able to capture documents and store them for later use or for filing.

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With More Courts Switching To E-Documents, Law Offices Are Investing In Document Scanning

If you follow the document scanning news, then you'll notice that there are two particular sectors where document scanning and electronic filing is on the rise: taxes (more and more tax-payers are "e-filing") and the legal system. We've reported on this blog how courts in the U.S. and Canada are switching to e-documents, since the paper-based format of issuing injunctions, petitions, continuances, and a myriad of other court documents has increased exponentially with the rise of arrests and incarcerations.

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Do You Work In Government? Use Scanning Services To Cut Down On Government Waste

If you work for or manage a government agency, then you know that there is a growing demand for all government agencies to find creative ways to cut costs. With rising local, state, and federal budget deficits, there is immense political pressure for bureaucrats to figure out how to be more efficient, productive, and frugal with their own budgets.

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Document Scanning Encino

Most businesses these days have the ability to to scan documents as needed in their offices. However, for certain projects and business sectors, the average scanning equipment simply will not do -- it takes professional-grade scanning technology and the expertise that goes with using it in order to tackle large-scale scanning projects on tight deadlines.

Load Files and Formats Available:

  • Formats PDF (single and multi-page), PDF/A, TIFF (Single and Multi-page), JPEG.
  • Load Files (Scanning Reports) ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV (Excel File), XML, TXT Files upon request
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Document Shredding Services Encino

We provide shredding services through our partner, contact us for info. Access Scanning Document Services ONLY offer off-site shredding services, meaning we will pick up and bring to our secure office your documents where our certified partner will shred or pick up. Don't trust large-scale shredding projects to your under power office shredder

It is the process of document destruction and document recycling for security purposes, recycle and reuse it to make new paper sheets( recycle paper sheets).Nowadays it is very important to protect your personal identity and your business information in order to avoid, fraud, identity theft and of course one of the most important ones, help our environment.

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How Digitization & Document Imaging Saved The Day For A Construction Company

The construction field is no doubt one of the most difficult and innovative professions on the planet. From the architect on down to the man running the jackhammer, these are the people that build the impressive skylines that inspire the mind to contemplate the weight of what is possible in the realm of human endeavor. But, in this noble profession, there has always been a hesitancy to use computers in the day-to-day operations.

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What is Online Document Storage, Cloud file Storage and how they work?

This process has many names, such as: online back uponline storageonline serverdocument online management and much more. Many people don't know this service exist, a continuation you will find out what this service is if you don't know yet. Is the process of storing documents as electronic files. Online Document storage is beneficial for all kinds of businesses because it allows for the immediate retrieval of documents than using physical storage of paper documents. Online File Storage has been around for many years, but is now becoming very widespread as hard drive space now costs less than a dollar per gigabyte.

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Why Should Your Business Take On Document Scanning

Any small business, and most certainly a home office environment, is going to know the crunch of space within the office. With employees, office machines, and file cabinets and furniture, space can be at a costly premium. There is a solution that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Document scanning has helped many businesses, large or small, in freeing up office space for use in productivity or meeting with clients. As popular as scanning documents into digital form has become there are still those that ask "Why?"

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