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Four Best Practices For Reducing Paper Jams While Copying

We have all been there before. You start a major copying project and thirty pages into it, that irritating beep letting you know that there is a paper jam. Now you must look for the jam, open up the copier, and remove the jam. Once you get the machine going again, ten pages into the project you have another jam. The cycle seems to perpetuate itself.One of the aspects of copy machines that is a mainstay in their operation is the fact that they will jam. However, the there are some good practices that you can use in order to minimize these jams. In doing so you will save time, save money, and lower aggravation within the office.

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Reliable Scanning Services Are The Key To Medical Records Going Digital

What is HIPAA ?

HIPAA Stands for The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and it was created to protect patient's information and make the health system more efficient. The privacy rule standards address the use and disclosure of individual's health information. All individuals, businesses and their employees that have access to ePHI or PHI must learn the standards of this HIPAA rule."

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With More Courts Switching To E-Documents, Law Offices Are Investing In Document Scanning

If you follow the document scanning news, then you'll notice that there are two particular sectors where document scanning and electronic filing is on the rise: taxes (more and more tax-payers are "e-filing") and the legal system. We've reported on this blog how courts in the U.S. and Canada are switching to e-documents, since the paper-based format of issuing injunctions, petitions, continuances, and a myriad of other court documents has increased exponentially with the rise of arrests and incarcerations.

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Document Scanning Encino

Most businesses these days have the ability to to scan documents as needed in their offices. However, for certain projects and business sectors, the average scanning equipment simply will not do -- it takes professional-grade scanning technology and the expertise that goes with using it in order to tackle large-scale scanning projects on tight deadlines.

Load Files and Formats Available:

  • Formats PDF (single and multi-page), PDF/A, TIFF (Single and Multi-page), JPEG.
  • Load Files (Scanning Reports) ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV (Excel File), XML, TXT Files upon request
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