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Based in the San Fernando Valley, Access Document Scanning Services is a full service record retrieval company, providing flexible, comprehensive on-site and off-site document scanning, document copying and document imaging services.


Javier is a passionate of technology, he loves learning new ways to use technology in everyday's life, he is currently working on his associates degree on Computer Sciences. He poses IT and networking knowledge, which helps keep secure our client's sensitive info and equipment (computers, servers) from hackers. Our customer information and files are secure in a server which has trusted encryption, while our computers are also protected with different anti-viruses and password protected. All our employees sign our "HIPAA Acknowledgment" and are HIPAA certified.

Our services allow our customers to solve their time sensitive document needs in electronic and paper formats, while ensuring the highest quality and security standards. Owned and operated by its principals. The Access Document Solutions team takes pride in providing customers with competitive pricing while maintaining excellent quality and service on each and every job. All jobs are hand checked to ensure accuracy prior to delivery. With Access Document Scanning Solutions as your service provider, document production has never been easier. No service contract or large financial commitment is required, and we guarantee all of our services. Access Scanning Document Services is bonded & insured professional photocopier with State of California. Our representatives are trained and certified to handle complex document data collection and processing.

With different options available: we scan smaller sizes, oversize, CD's and DVD's duplication, many formats available, we also offer paper destruction and shredding at no extra cost.

We use high quality software and equipment that provide us with outstanding quality work, such as:


  • Kofax Software Super High Quality Production (improve the quality of scanned documents)
  • PDF Software
  • NextImage Large Formar Scanning
  • WonderShare Software
  • AcDsee Software
  • Microsoft office 2013
  • Boxcryptor Encryption
  • BotLocker Encryption
  • Virtual Private Network Software


  • Cannon and Kodak Industrial Scanners
  • Fujitsu high speed scanners (fi-6770, fi-6770,fi-6240)
  • Dell Servers
  • HP and Sony Computers

Why choose Access Documents Scanning Services?

  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Insured
  • Privately owned and operated by its owners
  • 6 + of experience
  • Best rates in south of CA
  • Certified, Licensed + networking security knowledge

Taking care of the environment

We love taking care of the environment, and for that reason we give you some tips to help you save paper and at the same time help our planet. Paper, of course, is the main cause of deforestation on a grand scale throughout the continents. In fact, paper fills up 30-40% of US landfill space alone. A study shows an estimated of every 100 kg of waste that is thrown away, 35 kg will be a form of paper.

Recycling Tips & Eco-Friendly Advice
  1. Use both sides of paper when copying and writing
  2. Share magazines and newspapers with friends or donate your already read ones to hospitals, doctors offices, or community places.
  3. Use common sense and your imagination... all paper / junk mail, etc. can be used as note paper. Look for organizations that will accept used paper and organize a collection system in your school or workplace.
  4. NYC now has curbside recycling pickup for plain paper, junk mail, etc.
  5. Remember though that re-using is preferable to recycling.
  6. Create a demand for recycled paper by using recycled printing and writing paper. Support local recycling efforts. Find out how much secondary (waste) fiber it contains vs. how much was derived from post-consumer waste paper, also whether the paper is de-inked, bleached or dyed.
  7. Cancel unnecessary magazine subscriptions.
  8. Stop junk mail. To have your name removed from mailing lists write to
  9. Direct Marketing Service / 11 West 42nd Street / PO Box 3861 / NY NY 10163
  10. Phone books can be recycled with newsprint (curbside collection in NYC)
  11. Cardboard boxes: flatten them and tie them up. Some recycling centers accept them, if not try grocery chains who have bailers and reclaim all cardboard. (NYC now has curbside collection for cardboard)
  12. Brown paper bags can be recycled with corrugated cardboard.
  13. Take advantage of libraries.