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Document Shredding

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We provide shredding services through our partner, contact us for info. Don't trust large-scale shredding projects to your under power office shredder. Access Scanning Document Services ONLY offer off-site shredding services, meaning we will pick up and bring to our secure office your documents where our certified partner will shred or pick up.

Facts why Document Shredding is so important:

The use of recycled paper reduces the need for virgin material in paper 
manufacturing. This allows for fewer trees to be cut down for production.

Making 1,000 kg of paper from recycled material conserves about 
7,000 gallons of water, 17 to 31 trees and 4,000 kwh of electricity.

Milling paper from recycled paper uses 20% less energy than to make paper 
from trees, with less pollution from transportation and chemical treatment.

When organic materials like paper are disposed in landfills they decompose 
into biogas, containing methane, a greenhouse gas linked to global warming.

Nearly every business office these days has a shredder or two on hand to handle small projects. However, the average shredder is better known for overheating and jamming than it is for handing large-scale shredding projects. If you have recently completed a major document imaging project and have a great deal of paper files and documents to destroy, chances are your own equipment will not be able to handle the job.

There are organizations and businesses that only require the services of a shredding company when they need a one-time purge at a time or when they want to shred a large bulk of documents on a periodic basis. If you prefer to destroy outdated files, old tax records and other files annually or every six months, a service that offers one-time shredding will suffice. This type of service works really well if you want to get rid of old, unusable files from the storage room. You can also take advantage of a one-time purge if your business is switching from paper files to digital files. After you have transferred all your data and information from paper documents into a digital storage, you can destroy the paper files that have already served their purpose.

At Access Scanning Document Services, we are equipped with industrial-grade shredding equipment that can handle even the biggest of jobs. Whether you require off-site shredding services, we are able to take care of your document destruction needs throughout southern California.

And if you have yet to begin your Document copying, Document scanning, or document imaging project, Access offers LOW shredding prices for our clients.

If you are ready to hear more about Access can help you with your project, feel free to contat us for a free consultation.