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CloudNine eDiscovery Management Software

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Product Description (Features will go based on the plan purchased):

CloudNine empowers legal, information technology, and business professionals with eDiscovery automation software and professional services that simplify litigation, investigations, and audits for law firms and corporations.

Helping legal professionals meet increasing discovery demands. Rely on this trusted tool to ensure you can process all discovery data—electronic and paper—while providing maximum flexibility in production and in export to review.

What is Available?

CloudNine Explore™

CloudNine Explore Innovation

• Explore - Navigate through data to identify risk, determine scope and control cost.
• Assess - Inspect and review data using automated and in-person processes.
• Protect - Securely load, ingest and preserve data needed for ongoing investigation or litigation.
• Deliver - Provide information as required for legal production or further investigation.

Benefits of CloudNine Explore
• Alert corporate governance to possible compliance, ethics, and even criminal issues before they impact your business.
• Evaluate risk and potential cost of litigation at the earliest possible point.
• Avoid costly and time-consuming production of redundant and irrelevant documents.
• Reduce the risk of producing privileged or protected content.
Core CloudNine Explore Technical Overview
• Step-by-step and advanced user workflows.
• Drag and drop data indexing.
• Date, domain, file type, PII and more filtering.
• Search term testing, reporting.
• First Pass Web UI Review with batching, sampling, tagging.
• Foreign language document identification.
• MS SQL Server, DT Search, open API making CloudNine Explore a tech team friendly solution.
• Deploy anywhere – including laptops – enabling you to take the platform where the data lives.
• Cross machine multi-threaded/core in-place indexing including PSTs.
• One million records indexed/hr and ready to search using one machine.
• No file copies necessary until export.
• Scales out across low cost devices.
• Direct index of forensic images.
• Bulk OCR text generation.
• Fully processed native exports.
• Additional functionality available including scan, searchable PDF creation, TIFF image creation, review, productions.



Disclaimer: Information may not be accurate or may change at any time. Access Scanning is just a re-seller, manufacturer owns rights and trademarks of software. Description was provided by manufacturer.


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