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02 Sep 2012
Posted by Javier Rios
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We have all been there before. You start a major copying project and thirty pages into it, that irritating beep letting you know that there is a paper jam. Now you must look for the jam, open up the copier, and remove the jam. Once you get the machine going again, ten pages into the project you have another jam. The cycle seems to perpetuate itself.One of the aspects of copy machines that is a mainstay in their operation is the fact that they will jam. However, the there are some good practices that you can use in order to minimize these jams. In doing so you will save time, save money, and lower aggravation within the office.

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03 Jun 2012
Posted by Javier Rios
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When it comes to copying or printing large numbers of documents, most offices – even ones who have high-end copier and printers – are unable to handle the workload. Just as shredding services are often needed to handle large quantities of sensitive documents that need to be destroyed, so too can a wide-ranging copying or printing project push standard copiers and printers to their limit. Large runs of copies will overheat even high quality machines, lead to delays from paper jams, and cost hundreds of dollars in ink alone.

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