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FAQ's - How secure is our Scanning Process?

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4. How secure is our Scanning Process?

Access Scanning prioritize security and accuracy in every step of the process. It is very secure from beginning to end, our people are HIPPA certified and have the necessary training to complete this task with zero margin error.

  • ·         HIPPA Certified
  • ·         Computers and servers have different security levels (servers are encrypted with 128 bit and double layer of identification)
  • ·         Digital images are backed up securely in our servers after scanning process is complete.
  •         We remove all scanned data from our servers and computers at client's request.
  • ·         Facility is in SECURE building with video surveillance, alarm system and smoke detectors.
  • ·         Hard documents are destroy securely at client’s request.
  • ·         More than 6 years of combined experience
  • ·         Insured


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