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Legal Document Scanning Services

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Increase productivity and reduce costs in your legal practice by managing your paper digitally. Access Document Scanning solutions easily transform paper documents into electronically filed digital documents, adapted for the way you work, using software and office scanning devices in your office or our office.

Efficient case management today requires Law Offices to have PDF conversion capabilities and the use of PDF files. Law Offices are paper intense. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent yearly on case management. Attorneys and staff spend the vast majority of their time creating, filing, managing, storing and retrieving legal documents. PDF files, like no other file format, makes optimum efficiency possible.

In case of disaster

Paper documents stored in file cabinets are susceptible to fire and flood. You cannot recover a paper document that has been destroyed by a fire or a flood. But the problem goes beyond your paper files. Electronic documents stored on workstations and servers across your operation are equally vulnerable to catastrophic loss.

In the event of a disaster, the goal is to be able to quickly procure a temporary office, install computer systems and restore all required documents and information that enables a business to function. The biggest differentiator between a backup plan and a disaster recovery plan is maintaining a copy of your critical documents in an off‐site location.

Eliminate the risk

Piles of increasing invoices and project documents are risky for any contractor concerned about losing or misplacing critical data. Not having an effective electronic workflow in place could mean critical information gets buried in a manila envelope for weeks before it’s discovered. Fortunately, having an electronic routing and approval solution like Construction Imaging in place can make the workflow process organized and simple. Improve your workflow, elevate your approval process and get invoices out the door faster. Beneficial features of Construction Imaging include:

  • Capture - A batch-scanning solution that works with industry-leading scanner technology to instantly capture images from paper documents.
  • Electronic Forms - Quickly capture, validate, approve, and route documents with integrated data collection.
  • Document Management - Store all of your documentation electronically in a centralized system.
  • Workflow Automation- Effective workflow automation removes human error, bottlenecks and other inefficiencies from document-based processes.

The batch scanning solution allows you to create searchable PDFs, utilize advanced page separation techniques (including barcode and fixed page), automatically index documents and more. With ADVANCED CAPTURE, you can enjoy advanced data extraction tools, zonal OCR and automated database look up.

 PDF Files were Adopted By U.S. Federal Courts a few years ago

After an extensive study on how to improve court processes and procedures, the USFC have concluded filing and sharing legal documents related to court cases is faster, easier and less expensive using PDF files. To streamline courthouse procedures the Administrative Offices of the U.S. Courts developed the Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) prototype project using PDF files as their electronic document format. The CM/ECF system now allows submission and access to entire case files and dockets in PDF files via the Web.

Manual management -allowing users to decide not only where documents will be stored, but what the document naming convention will be. In most circumstances, this decisions bring big benefits in the future such as:

  • Future Retrieval
  • Cut cost
  • Save Space and Time

Enhancing Case Management

Because paper evidence is the cornerstone of litigation, attorneys spend significant amounts of time collecting and reviewing these documents and filling their files with more and more paper. Our document imaging system brings new levels of accessibility and interactivity to case management. It also meets the three essential requirements of the legal profession.

  • Electronic documents must be visually identical, like photocopies, of the paper documents,
  • They must be compact and easily shared with others, even outside the office, and
  • They must be easily searchable.

Reducing Paper Storage Costs

Because legal work resides on paper, storage cost is a major expense for most law firms. The problem is compounded because of the copy machine. Firms not only file and store originals of documents, they file and store copies of documents, and the cost of storing this information continues long after the useful life of the paper file.

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