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22 Mar 2019
Posted by Javier
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Soda PDF Software | What's new in Soda PDF Anywhere?

Soda PDF Premium

Create professional PDFs

  • Create PDFs from any printable file format
  • Generate PDFs from images or from a scanner
  • Create a new PDF from your clipboard

Edit text & insert page elements

  • Modify the content of your files
  • Add, edit or remove text
  • Index your files by adding Bates numbers NEW

Convert to other file types

  • Batch convert multiple PDFs at once NEW
  • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, and more
  • Archive your files with PDF/A conversion

Review your work

  • Add comments with sticker notes
  • Markup the text in your file
  • Compare two similar documents

Secure confidential files

  • Secure PDFs with 256-bit AES passwords
  • Set and control permission levels
  • Create and manage digital signatures

Create digital forms

  • Create personalized digital forms
  • Add check boxes, buttons, and other fields

Soda anywhere

Online accessibility can be a lifesaver, especially when you are on the go. With Soda PDF anywhere, you can access your features on any device,

wherever you are. You can prepare and send contracts for signature directly through the app, and get them signed within minutes.

Access Your Feautures online

New feature is here, now you can create PDF's on your desktop. With Soda PDF online, you can create, convert, edit, review, secure,

and much more through your web browser, wherever you are. You can even access your features on your smarthphone and tablet.

E-Signature made easy

We know how frustrating it can be to prepare and mail a paper contract, not to mention the time it takes to get it signed.

Luckily for you, we've got the solution. The new Soda E-Sign lets you prepare and send your documents for signature with just a few clicks, directly within     

the app. Plus, the recipients will be able to sign the documents via email, on any connected device, without using Soda PDF.

Description may vary or change. End users only.

Features (Soda PDF Premium)
Includes Soda PDF Anywhere Premium
New Access your features online, on any device
New Free unlimited version upgrades
New Index your files by adding Bates numbers
New Batch convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PPT, and more
Create PDFs from any printable file format
Modify all elements of your PDF file
Review and annotate your work
Create personalized digital forms
Secure your documents

System Requirements:

OS:Windows 10 (desktop app), Windows 8 32 & 64, Windows 7 32 & 64 Processor : Pentium III or equivalent | RAM : 1 GB | Disk Space: 100 MB or more, Internet connection is required for version updates, activation of the free creator, to download paid-for features, and for Soda PDF Online Services. Microsoft Office is required for plug-in use & conversion to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


  Disclaimer: Information may not be accurate or may change at nay time. Access Scanning is just a re-seller, manufacturer owns rights and trademarks of software.

22 Mar 2019
Posted by Javier
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Canon DR-G2140 Scanner
Mfr.P/N:5353B061 SKU#:5395846 UNSPSC:81111812   $1,100 1 Year Vendor Direct Ship
Mfr.P/N:5353B064 SKU#:5395848 UNSPSC:81111812  $940 9 Months Vendor Direct Ship
Mfr.P/N:5353B062 SKU#:5395847 UNSPSC:81111812  $2,100 2 Year Vendor Direct Ship
Mfr.P/N:5353B066 SKU#:5395850 UNSPSC:81111812  $1,400 1 Year + 1PM Vendor Direct Ship
Mfr.P/N:5353B065 SKU#:5395849 UNSPSC:81111812 $1,900 9 Months + 1Year Vendor Direct Ship 
Mfr.P/N:5353B068 SKU#:5395852 UNSPSC:81111812  $1,100 9 Months + 1PM Vendor Direct Ship 
Mfr.P/N:5353B067 SKU#:5395851 UNSPSC:81111812  $2,500 2 Year + 2 PM Vendor Direct Ship 
Mfr.P/N:5353B063 SKU#:5395854 UNSPSC:81111812  $120 1 Month Vendor Direct Ship 
Mfr.P/N:5353B069 SKU#:5395853 UNSPSC:81111812 $2,300 9 Month + 1 Yr + 2PM  Vendor Direct Ship 


What is Canon - Warranties Products?

Canon will usually give 3 months of warranty on scanners, extended warranty needs to be bought before those initial warranty is over.

Orders for Canon warranties are first reviewed by a Access Scanning warranty specialist for completeness and eligibility. Eligible orders are then processed through one of Canon's authorized distributors. Please note that distributors may require up to several days to process some warranty orders.

We will contact you by email if any additional information is required, or if your order cannot be completed.

Manufacturer's Web Site

If possible, please base your order on the manufacturer part number which can be found at the back of your scanner. If you are unsure about exactly what you need, please consult the manufacturer's web site.

For the smooth processing of your order, we highly recommend that you first check with Canon regarding program details and eligibility. Please base your order on the manufacturer part numbers provided by the manufacturer.

22 Mar 2019
Posted by Javier
Hits: 167

User Rating: 5 / 5

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ConnectedPDF – Next generation PDF for the connected world

PhantomPDF do more than a typical PDF editor, it’s ConnectedPDF Powered. Connected PDF is leading edge technology that powers cloud-based services for PDF files, services include:
ConnectedPDF Security - grant and revoke document access.
ConnectedPDF Document Management - Track to see who opens your document and what they do and notify readers of new updates.
ConnectedPDF Collaboration - Elevate your teamwork with connected reviews or send requests to others to get a file.

PDF Editor – Perform all your document updates in PDF

Documents evolve over time and need to be updated. PhantomPDF provides powerful PDF Editor capabilities to allow authors to update their documents themselves.
Paragraph edit and have text flow across multiple paragraphs, columns, and pages.
Change the PDF document layout by moving text boxes, changing their size, or how text is justified.
Professionalize PDF documents by adding stamps, watermarks, headers, footers, bates number, etc.

Organize – Manipulate PDF files and pages
Often we create new documents from pages of existing documents. PhantomPDF is the PDF Editor that allows you to quickly and easily organize and manipulate your PDF to support your workflows.
Merge PDF documents together or split PDF apart.
Drag and drop pages within a PDF document or from one PDF document to another.
Crop, delete, add, swap, flatten, and rotate PDF pages

Collaborate and Share – Annotate, share, and collaborate with PDF

PDF Creator – Create PDF docs, forms, and portfolios

Convert PDF – Share Information on PDF with Other File Formats

Scan and OCR – Scan to PDF, OCR PDF, and edit scanned PDFs

Protect and Sign – Encrypt, redact, and sign PDFs

Section 508 Compliance – Document Accessibility Through Assistive Technology

PhantomPDF Online – Cloud based PDF Editor


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