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Frequent Asked Questions

Access Scanning is becoming a leader provider on Document Scanning Services in south of California.

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Are we certified?

Yes, we have different certifications and accreditations, such as:

  • We are license business HIPPA Certified
  • Insured
  • Training of wise use of equipment and software
  • 11 years + of  experience
  • All work is completed in our office (most jobs)
  •  We also have permits and certificates such as: Tax certificate/license
  • FEIN and Payroll ID #.
  • Los Angeles Green Business Certification
  • SAM.GOV Validated
Document Scanning Process

Scanning Process (Simple, Secure & Efficient): Watch how we Scan and do Quality Control

  • Collection
  • Preparation
  • Scanning
  • Quality Control (inspect images at least 3 times before delivery)
  • Indexing 
  • Digital Storage/Hard Drive Delivery
  • Shred & Recycle


  • Kofax Software (improve the quality of scanned documents)
  • PDF Software
  • WonderShare Software
  • Silverfast Scanning Software
  • Microsoft office


  • Canon scanners
  • Fujitsu high speed scanners (fi-6770, fi-6770,fi-6240)
  • HP Computers and Servers
Do we provide Document Shredding?

Yes, we offer document shredding service through our certified and accredited partner. Certificate of destruction is always provided to the costumer after destruction process is completed.

How secure is our Scanning Process?

Access Scanning prioritize security and accuracy in every step of the process. It is very secure from beginning to end, our people are HIPPA certified and have the necessary training to complete this task with zero margin error.

  • HIPPA Certified
  • Computers and servers have different security levels 
  • Digital images are backed up securely in our servers after scanning process is complete.
  • We remove all scanned data from our servers and computers at client’s request.
  • Facility is in SECURE building with video surveillance, alarm system and smoke detectors.
  • Hard documents are destroy securely at client’s request.
  • More than 11 years of combined experience
  • Insured
How many Images are in a letter size box, cabinet?

This is only an estimate based on our previous clients and it may vary customer by customer  

  • Standard File Box 2,000 – 3,000 Images per Box
  • Unbound Paper 150-175 Pages Per Inch
  • Banker Style Boxes 4,500 – 6,000 Images Per Box
  • Vertical File Cabinet 3,500 – 5,000 Images Per Drawer
  • Open Shelving 1,700 Images Per Horizontal Foot
What is an image?

An image is a side of a page.

Which output formats do we offer?

PDF/OCR, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, Word Document, Excel Document, HTML.

What is Indexing?

It is the process of re-naming a file for future easy retrieval. Usually, we use the title on physical folders, binders or first page of files are used to re-name the digital file.

What type of software and equipment we use?

This is the equipment we use:

  • Windows 7 and 8 computers with 16GB RAM, 1,000 GB hard drive, etc.
  • Fi-6770A / Fi-6770 and Fi-6230 scanners


  • Kofax VRS Elite 5.0
  • Kofax Express 3.0
  • AcDsee 5.0
  • PDF X & XI Pro
  • Wondershare
  • Microsoft Office 2013
Which resolution do we use?

We use 300 DPI for most of our projects and if requested we can scan up to 600 DPI

What is Document Scanning, Paperless, Document Digitizing, Etc.?

It is the process of converting hard documents into a digital image (TIFF, JPEG, PDF, Etc.) and it is becoming a solution especially for business that want to have their paper documents in a secure place with no risk of losing them.


A Leader in Document Digitizing !

A privately family owned business located in Encino, CA. All work is supervised by the owners, leaving zero margin of errors by using innovative and highly secure equipment that delivers quality and accuracy. Working with a wide range of hard copy documents Access Scanning offers expert integration and utilization of information management systems. Our proven solutions are designed to provide clients with high quality, efficiency and accuracy; ensuring customer satisfaction. Learn more about us here…..

450 + Satisfied Customers

  • Pal O.Pal O.

    Requested a quote for scanning a large number of color and B/W pages. Very fast response and great price! If no plan changes on my end I will order from... Read More

  • Oliwia OttoOliwia Otto

    Quick, professional, good quality, very kind and helpful staff. I definitely recommend!

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  • Christina S.Christina S.

    Our company has been using their services for years. Very professional, well organized and timely. High quality scanning. Staff is pleasant and helpful. Read More

  • Robyn W.Robyn W.

    It has been a pleasure to work with Javier and his team. They are detail-oriented, friendly, professional, and have exceptional customer service. Everything has been smoothly coordinated and the scanning is high quality. If we need to scan anything else in the future, we will definitely work with them again.

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  • Michael WeintraubMichael Weintraub

    Javier Rios and his team at Access Scanning are my right-hand in keeping my numerous accounting and sales records organized. For 3 years, I have totally relied upon Javier, and I am always pleased with both his services and his A+ customer service. I won't go anywhere else. You shouldn't either!

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  • Maryam TofighiMaryam Tofighi

    The staff are very friendly and helpful. They scanned my large number of old family photos in only three days with decent quality. Their rates were reasonable. Highly recommend this business.

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  • Cathy KimCathy Kim

    Quick, friendly service. They are professional and extremely easy to communicate with via text. Pricing was very reasonable compared to a few other places that I received a quote from. I’m happy that my paper charts are now digitized and can easily be uploaded into electronic health records. Highly recommend their services!

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  • Allison M.Allison M.

    Javier was a pleasure to work with. Super quick response to my quote request. Service was speedy and very affordable. A real gem of a company! Read More

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