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Weekly Scanning

Starts $0.03/Page


Starts $80/Box

  1. Office Pick up: Access Scanning can pick up your documents weekly, by-weekly or whenever needed. Digital PDF files can be delivered by uploading to an specific cloud or by flash drive.
  2. Mail-Box Pick up: Access Scanning can pick up from your mail box or (we can help you set up a mailbox close to us) whenever needed and scan it into your personal cloud.
  3. Drop off to our Office: drop them off at Access Scanningand we will convert them to PDF and upload to your personal cloud or flash drive.

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*Prices start at $0.03/Page or $80/Box depending quantity, quality, requirements, etc.

*Prices may vary
*Minimum of $50 project
*Free Pick up within 5 miles
*Letter Size Box (10"H x 12"W x 15"D)




Smaller Scanning

Prices by the Page


Price by the box

Starts at $0.04/Page

Starts at $85/Letter size box 

 * These prices come with: simple indexing up to 10 files per job (single description of up to 10 characters), PDF with OCR B/W, letter size paper,240 DPI Resolution, document rotation, no staples, single sided scanning, putting documents back in box and folder may increase price, de-skewing, edge clean up, hole punch removal. In-House price.

Up to (more than 70,000 pages )  or  (more than 40/Boxes)

There is a %3 fee for credit cards.
Final Price Example: 70,000 pages at $0.04/page will come out $2,800.
*Prices may vary
*Letter Size Box (10"H x 12"W x 15"D)


   Bigger Scanning

Prices by the Page


Price by the box

Starts at $0.05/Page  

Starts at $90/Letter size box 

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