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Document Scanning Prices

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New Customer Offer

  • - Free pick-up
  • - 16 GB Flash Drive
  • - $25 off coupon (Encino)
  • - More than $500 project & For new clients. Within 20 Miles


  • - Refer us and we will refund
  • Or
  • - We will pay you up to $50 per referral.

Weekley Scanning Services

Prices Vary
  • 1. Access Scanning can pick up your documents weekly, by-weekly or whenever needed. Digital PDF files can be delivered by uploading to an specific cloud or by flash drive.
  • 2. Access Scanning can pick up from your mail box or (we can help you set up a mailbox close by) whenever needed and scan it into your personal cloud.
  • 3. Drop off to our Office & Access Scanning and we will convert them to PDF and upload to your personal cloud or flash drive.
  • - INCLUDES: PDF B-W_Letter Size_Up to 10 files re-naming by project_Document Rotation_Single Sided_Free pick up within 5 miles_In-House price.

Lite Document Scanning Projects

$0.04/Page $90/Box
  • - PDF/OCR (letter size paper)
  • - Simple indexing up to 10 files per job (LastName, FirstName)
  • - 240 DPI Resolution, Document rotation, No staples, Single sided scanning
  • - De-skewing, Edge clean up, Hole punch removal
  • - In-House price.

Big Document Scanning Project

$0.035/Page $85/Box
  • - PDF/OCR (letter size paper)
  • - Simple Indexing up to 10 files per job(LastName, FirstName)
  • - 240 DPI Resolution,Document rotation, No staples, Single sided
  • - De-skewing, Edge clean up, Hole punch removal
  • - In-House price.

Large Format Scanning Services

  • - Large Format Scanning Regular Construction Large Format: Starts $2/Oversize 300 DPI up to 54 in Wide size
  • - Large Format Scanning over 500 plans Starts $1/Oversize 300 DPI up to 54 in Wide size
  • - Artwork Large Format: Starts $7/Piece up to 54 in Wide Size & up to 1/2 in thick
  • - Formats available: PDF, TIFF, PNG, JP2, JPG, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG 2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G4
  • - We can scan up to 54 in wide and 7 ft long. Thick material up to 1/2 in thick (such as cardboard) (Sometimes will not be possible scan, will depend on type of material)
  • - up to 1,000 dpi depending desire format

On-site Document Scanning Services

  • - Prices starts at $230 On-site fee
  • - Starts at $0.020/Page
  • - Travel is up to $25 miles included, after that $0.50/mile

Video to Digital

  • Prices start at *$30/DVC Pro Cassette
  • Prices start at *$20/VHS Cassette
  • Prices start at *$30/BetaCam Cassette
  • VIDEO OUTPUT FORMATS: MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, DIVX, MOV, DAT, Video_TS, Xvid, HEVC Video, YouTube Video, Facebook Video, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Flash Drive, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV
  • - $50 minimum project

Picture Scanning

  • - Prices starts at $0.40/Picture
  • - Prices by the hour at $30/Hour
  • - Scanning into JPEG, TIFF or other formats
  • - Starts at 300 DPI

Notary Public

  • - $15/signature in our office

Additional Services Available: (Contact us for a more accurate price)

  • Document Preparation: including removal of staples, paper clips, unfold pages (starting at $0.01 per page)
  • OCR processing: for searchable PDF files (starting at $0.01 per page)
  • PDF Bates: $0.01/Page or $30 hour
  • Quality Control: up to $0.03/Page or $20/Box (some projects)
  • Renaming: Multiple file folder indexing for each file (starting at $0.15 per index)
  • Load Files: (Scanning Reports) ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV (Excel File), XML, TXT Files upon request
  • Post-scan document preparation: stapling and re-assembly (starting at $0.02 per page)
  • Delivery: free for new customer only; within 10 miles or 20 miles for projects over $500
  • Document Handling: Minimum $40 - if more than 10/letter boxes $2/letter size box.
  • Resolution: 300 & 400 DPI Resolution available ($0.01/page per every 100 DPI)
  • PDF delivery: 16GB flash drive ($20)
  • Shredding: $4/letter size box
  • Service by the hour: $30/hour

Access Scanning
has the right to increase prices anytime. Due to minimum wage increase our prices have increased, starting July 1st, 2018.

Prices are subject to change based upon such factors as: Paper condition, indexing, and production scheduling, among other considerations. document scanning and indexing services priced separately *Volume is relative to the size and amount of documents *Prices may change without previous notification These prices are based on off-site project in good condition. We can work with you to accommodate at your requirements and budget.

For more information about receiving a estimate or a on-site inspection contact us at (818) 429-5069 or E-mail.



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