We are your professional on Mail Scanning!


How it works in 3 Simple Steps

Securely pick up mail from mail box or office in a daily basis or when needed.

We scan and save each letter to PDF under the corresponding case name using high speed scanners, software and computers:

  • Scanning report is created by collecting name, page count, date
  • Scanning is done by our professional & experienced in-house employees
  • All our employees including the owners are HIPAA compliant

Save to cloud where you can review and download.

*Secure, confidential, HIPAA, Family Owned & Managed

What is included?

  • Pick up from mail box or your office
  • Categorize & scan
  • Delivery via cloud
  • Keep in cloud for 1 month or as requested

Price brackets (minimum 20 cases a month):

  • 20-50 Monthly cases $20/per case
  • 51-100 Monthly cases $17/per case
  • 101-150 Monthly cases $13/ per case
  • 151 & more Monthly cases $10/ per case

*$0.04/ page scanned
*Included: pick up, scanning, categorizing, cloud storage and shredding of paper. 
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Cloud Services

Secure upload, store and back up all your important files. Clouds can be set up to automatically back up your files at your choice!
Acronis Cloud Storage


DropBox Cloud

DropBox Cloud

Microsoft OneDrive


Google G Suite

Google G Suite

DropBox Cloud



Avast Cloud

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