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Malwarebytes SERVER EndPoint Protection - (1 year) - from 1 to over 5,000 licenses available

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Product Details
Brand: Malwarebytes
Minimum Purchase: 1

Delivery: Electronic/E-mail delivery


Covers: 1 Server for 1 year (1 licenses minimum)

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Product Description:

Comprehensive protection for all departmental servers.
For the modern organization’s infrastructure, server attacks are lethal. By compromising servers, cybercriminals gain an essential foothold to access the organization’s data. With 70 percent of organizations reporting that their data is critically important to operations, server security is essential to ensure that corporate data is safely protected and accessible at all times.
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers is built for organizations of all sizes that value simplicity and efficiency. The solution provides comprehensive malware protection and remediation for your server infrastructure, driven from a single cloud console that provides visibility into all activity across your organization—from servers to workstations.

[tab name='Key Benefits']

Comprehensive protection built for speed
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers provides the perfect balance between protection and performance. Quickly deploy endpoint protection for your servers without impacting system processing power.
Innovative, advanced endpoint protection
Attackers continuously innovate. Malwarebytes provides advanced endpoint protection that evolves its detection capabilities as attackers develop threats.
Scales to combat growing threats
Security resources are scarce. Simple-to-use endpoint protection scales to provide real-time protection and on-demand remediation.
Cybercriminals consistently target enterprise servers to gain access to the lucrative data that resides on these systems. Organizations need modern server security that easily streamlines protection across your organization—from servers to workstations.
Enter Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers, a complete malware protection and remediation solution with predictive threat detection, proactive threat blocking, and integrated end-to-end protection. Driven from the cloud through a single pane of glass, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection for Servers provides flexible management and speed for organizations of all sizes.

[tab name='Features']

Comprehensive protection built for speed
Lightweight design won’t slow down your servers Malwarebytes understands how important it is to keep servers running at peak performance. That's why we designed a server solution with efficiency in mind. It’s lightweight and has a small footprint while offering maximum protection.
Cross-platform convenience
Because you work with a variety of platforms, we offer mix-and-match protection to ensure all of your organizational needs are met. This includes protection for Windows and Linux servers, as well as Windows and Mac endpoints.
Zero-day prevention
Malwarebytes applies signatureless payload analysis and anomaly detection to proactively identify and block malware attempting to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in your server operating systems and applications.
Precise detection at the point of attack
Fastest threat intelligence on the market
Benefit from Malwarebytes detection and remediation intelligence collected from millions of corporate and consumer-protected endpoints. Even brand-new, unidentified malware is typically eliminated before it can impact your data center servers.
Unified detection funnel catches more threats
Malwarebytes applies behavioral monitoring and machine learning to profile threats across web, memory, application, and files. Successive learnings along the detection funnel provide increasingly higher detection rates with increasingly lower false positives.
Traces the infection, maps the removal
The Malwarebytes Linking Engine traces every installation, modification, and process instantiation—including in-memory executables that other anti-malware packages miss—mapping a complete picture of the threat that enables full remediation.
Lethal “one-and-done” remediation
Applying in-depth insights from the Linking Engine, Malwarebytes thoroughly and permanently removes both the infection and any artifacts, delivering lethal “one-and-done” remediation.
Scales to combat growing threats
Complete endpoint security, driven from a single pane of glass
Maximize your limited resources with the Malwarebytes Nebula platform. Through one pane of glass with an intuitive UI, gain visibility into all activity across your entire organization—from servers to workstations.
Prioritizes security team productivity

Your security team can traverse from the global dashboard through to identified threats and quarantined devices in just a few clicks. Scanning and remediation is automated across a single server or thousands at a time.


  1. [tab name='Technical Specs']

    Systems Requirements:
    Included Components

    Malwarebytes cloud platform
    Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection
    (persistent Windows agent)
    Email and phone support
    Hardware Requirements
    CPU: 1 GHz
    RAM: 1 GB (clients); 2 GB (servers)Disk
    space: 100 MB (program + logs)
    Active Internet connection

    Supported Operating Systems
    Windows 10® (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Windows 8.1® (32-bit, 64-bit)

    Windows 8® (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Windows 7® (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Windows Vista® (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Windows XP® with SP3 (32-bit only)
    Windows Server 2016® (32-bit, 64-bit)
    Windows Server 2012/2012R2® (32-bit,
    Windows Small Business Server 2011
    Windows Server 2008/2008R2® (32-bit,

    Windows Server 2003® (32-bit only)

    Please note that Windows servers using
    the Server Core installation process are
    specifically excluded.
    Windows Action Center integration not
    supported for Windows Server operating

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