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BitDefender GravityZone ULTRA Managed Endpoint Detection & Response 2 year subscription

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Product Details
Brand: Bitdefender GravityZone Elite
Mfg: AS12118200E-EN

Sku: BD2W651A7L02D, BD2W651AHL02D, BD2W651B3L02D, BD2W651BNL02D, BD2W651C9L02D

Mfg: AS12118200E-EN, AS12118200F-EN, AS12118200G-EN, AS12118200H-EN, AS12118200I-EN

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Product Description:

  • Bitdefender GravityZone Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service (MEDR) is
    a managed threat-monitoring service responsible for detecting intrusions and malicious
    activities that may otherwise go undetected. Staffed by an elite team of security experts from
    Bitdefender Labs, it complements GravityZone Ultra’s EDR capability to monitor environments
    24/7 for stealthy and destructive malware, notifying customers and recommending actions as
    appropriate. It offers managed threat detection, automated alerting and alert analysis.

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Key Benefits

Accelerated time to protection

The Bitdefender MEDR Service adds an extra layer of protection to your Bitdefender Ultra
solution. It augments your team with Bitdefender Cyber Security Analysts, who work with you
to accelerate detection, prioritization, and the response to threats.

24x7 Eyes on Glass

Taking advantage of the power of the Bitdefender Endpoint Protection Platform, Cyber
Security Analysts continuously monitor potential threats in your environment and detect
security incidents.

Augment your security team

Bitdefender Cyber Security Analysts examine suspicious events in your GravityZone Ultra
console, conducting sample analysis as needed. We augment your security team by
determining if events are threatening or benign. You receive proactive notifi cations to keep
you abreast of any critical events. Built on top of the Ultra offering, our EDR stores 90 days of
activity, and can perform forensic investigations to look back over historical data for evidence
of an intrusion.

The GravityZone MEDR Service Includes:

Monitoring potential attacks: Your Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra installation will be monitored 24/7 using the integrated EDR capabilities.

Notification of potential attacks: Bitdefender Services will notify you when your GravityZone Ultra environment has generated a potential breach incident, stating that an investigation by Bitdefender Labs has begun. (Subject to the terms of the SLA). The outcome of the investigation will validate the nature of a malicious incident and recommend a course of action.

User initiated Alert Review and Validation: You can inquire at any time about the validity of an incident you discover in in your GravityZone
Ultra deployment and request an investigation. (Subject to the terms of the SLA). The outcome of the investigation will validate the nature of a malicious incident and recommend a course of action.

Quarterly Reporting: Once every three months, Bitdefender will provide a report which summarizes the activity across the customer’s environment, including root cause analyses, the most common suspicious events and most targeted machines.

Managed protection for datacenter and cloud infrastructure

An integral part of GravityZone Ultra, GravityZone Security for Virtualized Environments is its server and VDI workload security component. This enables the MEDR service to cover software-defi ned, hyperconverged and hybrid-cloud environments.

Managed detection means enhanced security for everyone
GravityZone Ultra Managed Endpoint Detection and Response is a major win for companies with limited IT resources, lack of IT securityexpertise or the budget to manage advanced tools.

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