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Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics (Servers) 2 year subscription

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Product Details
Brand: Bitdefender GravityZone Elite
Mfg: AL12114200A-EN

Sku: BD2B62101L02D, BD2B621A7L05D, BD2B621B3L05D, BD2B621BIL05D, BD2B621C9L05D

Mfg: AL12114200A-EN, AL12114200B-EN, AL12114200C-EN, AL12114200D-EN, AL12114200E-EN

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Product Description:

Real-time breach detection and complete threat visibility

Bitdefender Network Traffic Security Analytics is an enterprise security solution that accurately detects breaches and provides insights into advanced attacks by analyzing network traffic. It lets organizations quickly detect and fi ght sophisticated threats by complementing pre-existing security architecture – network and endpoint – with specialized network-based defense.

By using network traffic as a source of reliable information, NTSA detects breaches immediately as endpoint behavior changes once infected. Detection is effective against both generic or advanced persistent threats, known or never seen before. Alerts will be generated to inform security operations about endpoint behavioral changes that indicate an advanced attack being deployed or compromised endpoints.

Leading Cyber Threat Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

NTSA leverages superior Bitdefender’s Cyber Threat Intelligence – collected from 500 million endpoints globally – and combines it with advanced Machine Learning (ML) and heuristics to analyze the network meta-data in real time and to accurately reveal threat activity and suspicious traffi c patterns. With automatic security analytics and a focus on outbound network traffi c, it reduces noise and provides actionable alerts for security operations.

Protection for the Things (IoT) and BYOD in your environment

As employees use personal laptops, mobile phones and other devices in business environments, attackers take advantage of them to reach corporate information. Securing BYOD increases employee productivity and reduces the risk of exposure of corporate information. NTSA technology helps safeguard organizations from information theft by constantly monitoring and tracking all user and device behavior in real-time and deploying superior threat intelligence. It’s agentless, non-intrusive and independent of the operating system.

Enterprise environments are increasingly shared between human operated devices and smart things. While traditional endpoints are typically under scrutiny and well protected, smart things operate in a grey area with limited or no protection. More and more, devices in the network are targeted and used as beach heads during advanced attacks. NTSA breach detection capabilities extend also to the smart things in the enterprise network. By focusing on the network behavior of endpoints, it can protect devices with limited or no built-in security capabilities and no endpoint security agent running on top (like most IoT devices).

Compliance support

Many regulations, GDPR included, require organizations to quickly provide detailed information about malicious activities in the event of breaches. NTSA helps organizations meet compliance requirements by recording information about network data traffic for up to 12 months. The recording contains only meta-data, with no actual payload, and access to recordings is restricted to the Data Privacy Officer role only, eliminating the risk of sensitive information exposure.

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Key Benefits Some Features:

Avoid business disruption

  • Detects breaches and advanced threats that eluded prevention mechanisms at endpoint or network level
  • Provides complete visibility and insights into threat-related network activity and endpoint traffic anomalies
  • Combines cloud threat intelligence, ML and behavior analytics to detect the most sophisticated threats

Meet compliance requirements

  • Identifies abnormal user behavior or insider threats that may lead to corporate policy violations
  • Enables threat hunting and forensics through access to long-term stored data
  • Provides fast and easy access to information required by authorities in a 72-hour timeframe after a breach is discovered (GDPR)

Ease of use, fast ROI

  • Complementary, easy-to-deploy/easy-to-maintain solution, that delivers immediate results for fast ROI
  • Integrations with other monitoring systems allow security automation and quick time to response
  • Covers all endpoints in the network, independent of type or pre-existing security solutions (corporate- or user-managed devices, network
  • elements, BYOD, IoT)

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