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Brand: Access Scanning Document Services, LLC
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Delivery: Scheduled

Save up to %7 on projects bigger than $500 when mentioned Encino when you call

You can contact us before purchasing to inspect your project and give you the best price possible!

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  • PDF | B/W 8 ½ x 11 size paper, 240 to 300 DPI
  • HIPAA Compliant scanning, licensed and insured
  • Free pick up within 15 miles on projects over $500
  • Free shredding on projects over $500
  • Simple Indexing up to 10 files per job(LastName, FirstName)
  • Document rotation
  • De-skewing
  • Edge clean up
  • Remove staples, clips, etc.
  • Single sided

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Looking for fast, reliable Document Scanning in Southern California? Let Access Scanning handle. Document Scanning convert ordinary paper documents into useful and accessible digital files, such as: PDF, PDF/OCR, PDF/A, PDF Editable, TIFF, JPEG

If you are in search of a document scanning service provider in southern California, then Access Document Scanning Solutions is the perfect choice. Located in the San Fernando Valley, Access Scanning Document Services, LLC offers clients fast, reliable, and accurate document scanning services that are on-time and on-budget.

Whether you are looking to Scan Hard Documents Into PDF; scan into PDF with OCR; scan using 200, 300, or 400 DPI; or any other document complex scanning project, Access can deliver on-site or off-site services. Same-day service is also available for extremely urgent projects.

Load Files and Formats Available:

  • Formats PDF (single and multi-page), PDF/A, TIFF (Single and Multi-page), JPEG.
  • Load Files (Scanning Reports) ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV (Excel File), XML, TXT Files upon request

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Additional Services Available: (Contact us for a more accurate price)

  • Document Preparation: including removal of staples, paper clips, unfold pages (starting at $0.01 per page)
  • OCR processing: for searchable PDF files (starting at $0.01 per page)
  • PDF Bates: $0.01/Page or $30 hour
  • Quality Control: up to $0.03/Page or $20/Box (some projects)
  • Renaming: Multiple file folder indexing for each file (starting at $0.15 per index)
  • Load Files: (Scanning Reports) ASCII, Comma Delimited CSV (Excel File), XML, TXT Files upon request
  • Post-scan document preparation: stapling and re-assembly (starting at $0.02 per page)
  • Delivery: free for new customer only; within 10 miles or 20 miles for projects over $500
  • Document Handling: Minimum $40 - if more than 10/letter boxes $2/letter size box.
  • Resolution: 300 & 400 DPI Resolution available ($0.01/page per every 100 DPI)
  • PDF delivery: 16GB flash drive ($20)
  • Shredding: $4/letter size box
  • Service by the hour: $35/hour

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Prices are based on geographic area. Coupons are based on regular price and can not be applied to discounted items unless approved.

New Clients Only.

PAYMENT: Check or bank transfer (credit card FEE) PRICE SAMPLE: 2,000 pages at $0.04/page will come out $80. *Prices may vary *Letter Size Box (10"H x 12"W x 15"D)

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