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What is Online Storage, Online Data Storage or Document Online Management?

This process has many names, such as: online back uponline storageonline serverdocument online management and much more. Many people don’t know this service exist, a continuation you will find out what this service is if you don’t know yet. Is the process of storing documents as electronic files. Online Document storage is beneficial for all kinds of businesses because it allows for the immediate retrieval of documents than using physical storage of paper documents. Online File Storage has been around for many years, but is now becoming very widespread as hard drive space now costs less than a dollar per gigabyte.

  1. Online File Storage
  2. Software as a Service
  3. Platform as a Service

How it works?

In online storage, data from your hard drive is uploaded to a remote server or computer using a network connection. Online storage technology leverages the Internet and cloud computing to create an attractive off-site storage solution with little hardware requirements for any business of any size.

Five reasons to have your online files in a secure place:

1. It’s Your Identity – Once you’ve released information into the wild, there is no getting it back – and you no longer have control over or any rights to it.

2. Your Information Is Worth Money – And You Don’t Want It Used Against You – Companies are paying for your information which means it’s worth cold hard cash.

3. You Deserve It, Until You’ve Done Something Wrong – In this country, you are allowed to operate freely – which also means, privately – until you’ve done something wrong. Or at least until you’ve done something to raise the suspicions of the powers that be.

4. A Responsibility to Protect Those More At Risk – Perhaps, you’ll decide keeping your data private is not a battle you care to fight but it’s still worth protecting the ability to make that choice. Stand up for the choice so others can also make it.

5. Room To Grow – Privacy allows you the space to try on something new, explore ideas, or think through decisions without lasting consequences. Having this freedom is critical to our ability to thrive as individuals and as a society.

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