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PDF with OCR

PDF with OCR

Convert PDF with OCR

Document scanning is a process that converts ordinary paper documents into useful and accessible digital files. Paper documents create a barrier to productivity, accessibility, and profitability for any organization due to their inefficient nature. Paper documents inherently are hard to manage, secure, and protect. Converting these same documents into electronic documents solves these issues and provides costs saving by integrating these images into routine business practices.  Once in the form of an image information is entered that describes it for filing it. With these converted images special processes also can be applied to read, manipulate, and interpret them through the use of OCR (optical character recognition ) and ICR ( intelligent character recognition) technologies. These technologies transform the image into text and data that can be read for retrieval or sharing

Scanning documents into PDF format has become a common practice in today’s digital age. However, simply converting physical documents into digital files is not enough. To truly harness the power of digitization, it is essential to scan into PDF with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

OCR technology enables the conversion of scanned documents into searchable and editable text. By using OCR, you can transform static PDF files into dynamic and interactive documents. Here are some key benefits and use cases of scanning into PDF with OCR:

1. Enhanced Searchability

When you scan into PDF with OCR, the text within the document becomes searchable. This means you can easily locate specific words or phrases within the PDF file, saving you time and effort.

2. Editable Text

OCR allows you to extract text from scanned documents and convert it into editable format. This is particularly useful when you need to make changes or update information within the PDF file.

3. Accessibility

Scanning into PDF with OCR makes documents accessible to individuals with visual impairments. The OCR technology converts the text into audio, allowing visually impaired users to listen to the content.

4. Data Extraction

OCR technology can extract data from scanned documents, such as invoices or receipts. This makes it easier to organize and analyze information, saving you time and reducing manual data entry errors.

Scanning into PDF with OCR has a wide range of applications across various industries. It is commonly used in law firms for digitizing legal documents, in healthcare for converting patient records, and in education for creating searchable archives of textbooks and research papers.

By scanning into PDF with OCR, you can unlock the full potential of your digital documents. Whether you need improved searchability, editable text, accessibility, or data extraction, OCR technology can help you achieve your goals.

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