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Avast Secure Web Gateway

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Brand: Avast Secure Web Gateway


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Product Description:

    Secure Web Gateway is a fully scalable, cloud-based cybersecurity solution that delivers advanced protection against web threats – without the complexity and overhead of proxy servers or on-premise appliances. Secure Web Gateway can be deployed and configured within minutes in three easy steps from the CloudCare platform. Once the service is set up, you can immediately start blocking sites and locations on the web that are known to be serving up malware or other dangerous content. Any IP address that is categorized as a known bad site is automatically blocked. Unknown sites, including ones with hard-to-inspect SSL traffic, are quarantined in a cloud-based sandbox where they are safely evaluated. Once this inspection is complete, the site gets classified into one of dozens of pre-configured categories, making unknown threats known. This new intelligence is then pushed out to the entire threat network.

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    Key Features

    Advanced Security

    21 threat feeds are always on and always working to ensure your business is protected from the latest web threats. Unknown threats become known with advanced SSL inspection.

    Reduced Complexity

    Configure in three easy steps and deploy within minutes from the CloudCare security platform. Flexible, scalable, software defined architecture that grows with your business

    Increased Speed

    Two millisecond DNS-based lookups won’t slow your network connection. Remote users are automatically connected, regardless of location.

    Lower TCO

    Avoid the high costs associated with on-premise appliances, including refresh schedules, traffic backhauling for multiple office locations, and new appliance purchases as your business grows.

    Process of Security

    Threat Security

    Blocks malicious downloads and known malicious URLs from entering the network.

    Intelligent Proxying

    Inspects, categorizes, and classifies a suspicious unknown site into a known good or bad site.

Intelligent SSL Inspection – Performs high-speed, intelligent analysis of hard-to-inspect SSL traffic with only a microsecond delay.

Cloud Sandbox – Analyzes suspicious files and URLs in a virtual environment to detect hidden malicious content for all EXE files and DLL traffic.

    Allow/Block Lists

    Easily modify dozens of pre-configured, dynamic block/allow lists that get updated regularly as new sites get classified.

    Content Filtering

    Allows administrators to choose the level of content filtering they want to enforce and block requests based on their desired settings

    Anycast DNS Server

    Network traffic is automatically directed

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