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Manage, save and search on digital - Extract text even on handwritten
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DocuXplorer was created to suit the needs of small and mid-sized businesses, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface, requiring no technical expertise to operate, and with the robust capabilities enjoyed by large corporations.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current document management software, build a new system, or just go paperless, DocuXplorer has you covered. With highly praised support services, you’ll enjoy a quick install, comprehensive onboarding, personalized support, and consistent product development, keeping your system up to date and ready for the changes of the future.

Incorporated in New York City and headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, and with offices in both North and South America, DocuXplorer is a privately held company dedicated to providing easy-to-use and wholly integrated document management solutions – both client-based and hosted. Founded in 1997, DocuXplorer currently services thousands of users globally in a variety of organizations and industries such as government agencies, educational institutions, financial services, insurance, health care, legal services, real estate, accounting, manufacturing, airline, and retail.

DocuXplorer provides a complete document management solution for document handling and storage. The software offers an extremely effective, user friendly method of quickly finding, sharing, and utilizing all types of documents, whether scanned or electronic. Since the initial release of DocuXplorer, the ease-of-use, security, reliability, and affordability is available to businesses of all sizes. DocuXplorer employs a familiar Windows Explorer-style interface, making it a simple yet robust, low-cost solution that requires little training and virtually no technology expertise.


DX Secure Backup

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is safe, secure, and 100% backed up. With DX Secure Backup, you never have to worry about your hard drive crashing, corrupted files, or your hardware being stolen. Complete with professional installation and automatic backups, the best protection possible can be yours for a highly competitive rate when bundled with our document management platform.

  • Professional installation – our engineers are trained to install, test, and verify that your backup process was 100% successful.
  • Faster backups – it's quick because only the data that has changed is backed up, which lowers the impact on your network traffic.
  • You choose your own retention period – whether it's just for the last month worth of backups or indefinitely.
  • Secure automatic backup – backups are scheduled any time you like, and are protected with AES-256 encryption.
  • Backup verification – DocuXplorer will monitor your backups on a daily basis so you don't have to, ensuring that your data is there when you need it most.
  • All of your restore needs are handled by our engineers in record time – whether it’s replacing a single lost document or your entire library.
  • DX Cloud Hosting

    Host your data in the cloud! DX Cloud Hosting is ideal for digital document management, fast retrieval, and automated work management. Through a partnership with Microsoft Azure, DX Cloud Hosting will dramatically reduce your reliance on IT staff or outside consultants, saving your organization time and money. You will enjoy automated data backup, SSL security encryption and peace of mind knowing that your scanned documents are safe, secure, and backed up!

  • Our hosted solution eliminates the need for expensive capital investments, since there are no servers, storage media, or other infrastructure to purchase. And, since the storage and retrieval system is Web-based, there is no need for the purchase, maintenance, or replacement of any hardware.
  • Simply expand or shrink your storage requirements as your needs change. You don’t have to worry about monitoring remaining space or planning for/purchasing server upgrades.
  • For a low monthly cost (for both the server and support), as well as very affordable storage rates, we backup all of your hosted files on a daily basis and provide any technical support needed to restore them, freeing up the time of your IT staff/consultants to work on other priorities.
  • Pair DX Cloud Hosting with DX Secure Backup for maximum flexibility and security.

    Web & Mobile Access

    Web-based document management from DocuXplorer makes remote document access easy.

  • Enables authorized users to access their data from any smartphone, tablet, or computer that has a web browser.
  • Images of documents from a smartphone/tablet, as well as electronic documents, or emails can be sent to DocuXplorer.
  • Supported Browsers include Windows IE, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • [tab name='Integrations']


    DocuXplorer offers a variety of pre-built integrations along with the ability to quickly and easily integrate with other programs using our Application Programming Interface (API) tool.

    Microsoft Office Integration (Included in all versions)

  • DocuXplorer’s Microsoft Office integration enables easy editing of Microsoft Office documents while working directly within these applications.
  • Conversely, users can edit Microsoft Office documents right from within the DocuXplorer interface. No need to toggle back and forth!
  • Our integration with Outlook also allows users to save emails and attachments to DocuXplorer, as well as attach documents to new emails from within Outlook.
  • Our proprietary toolbar shortcut allows you to add or find documents from within Microsoft Office programs on your computer's desktop. You can add saved searches or documents that you routinely access directly to your desktop and have instant access to documents that require attention immediately. Learn More.
  • QuickBooks Integration (Included with Subscription)
    DocuXplorer automatically creates the specific Index Fields associated with your QuickBooks (both U.S. and U.K. version) transactions. The QuickBooks integration is seamless. Learn More.

    DocuSign Digital Signature Integration (Included with Subscription)
    DocuSign is trusted by over 750 thousand organizations worldwide. Enjoy the ease and reliability of sending documents in DocuXplorer for signature with DocuSign. Track all DocuSign contracts from your Workflow Dashboard in DX and trigger workflows when contracts are completed. Learn More.

    ZorroSign Digital Signature Integration (Included with Subscription)

    Run the prebuilt ZorroSign workflow to send documents out for signature.

    ZorroSign provides the highest level of certifications and additionally provides equal and at times superior levels of privacy and security when compared to government and bank standards. ZorroSign's technology runs on blockchain, providing the most secure platform available today, and is the only solution on the marketing using the patented digital signature technology, ZorroSign documents will always be legally accepted. Learn More.

    Integrations via API

    Integrating your current in-house software programs into DocuXplorer is quick and easy using our Application Programming Interface (API) tool. As long as the third-party software has the ability to generate a CSV/Excel file containing the metadata assigned to each file in a particular folder, DocuXplorer’s API will be able to seamlessly integrate our API with yours.

    [tab name='Consulting Services']

    Consulting Services

    DocuXplorer offers a variety of document management consulting services in addition to providing the most robust and industry-leading document management solution.

    DocuXplorer Install & Taxonomy Consulting (most popular)

    The most efficient way to get DocuXplorer up and running, your document management strategy implemented, and your team onboarded. Let one of our skilled technicians install DocuXplorer on your system and teach you how to set it up on individual workstations. Then, enjoy three (one-hour) Taxonomy sessions to strategize and build your custom Library Structure and teach you how to import your documents. Once this is complete, your team can begin using DocuXplorer without any technical expertise.

    Document Management Consulting

    The benefits of restructuring your business workflow process can sometimes be difficult to recognize amidst the clutter of your current system. But cutting back on costs and boosting your productivity can often be as simple as utilizing the experience of highly trained business process professionals. Allow our expert document management services consultants to show you the ropes.

    Taxonomy Consulting

    Our taxonomy consultants understand the importance of organization and workflow when it comes to the efficiency and profitability of small businesses. DocuXplorer's document management experts will work with you to effectively structure your documents and achieve the optimal document management strategy for your business.

    The document management taxonomy division of our document management consulting services unit was established in January of 2011 in response to overwhelming client demand for help in designing the most effective organization of DocuXplorer’s cabinet structure. Its consultants, with over two decades of experience in document management taxonomy, are equipped with the skills necessary to design and implement solutions to DocuXplorer client concerns and to help clients optimize their document management strategy.

    While our document management taxonomy consulting services are customized to meet the unique needs of each client, the following are examples of the types of consultations we offer:

    Customized Set-Up
    DocuXplorer’s virtual cabinets and folders are pre-configured to conform with your firm’s organizational structure and workflow procedures, before you begin to import documents. Based on your needs, a file structure can be created for an entire firm or for an individual function or department to facilitate finding the right information at the right time.

    Your current library configuration and indexing practices are analyzed to determine if you are getting the most out of the system. Recommendations focus on suggestions for facilitating document input and improving search results.

    Search Clinic
    Learn more about how searches work within DocuXplorer and what can be done to enhance search results throughout your firm. Current indexing practices are reviewed against a sampling of actual searches. Recommendations are formulated to suggest adjustments which will enhance search precision.

    Records Management
    Use DocuXplorer to facilitate compliance with your firm’s records retention guidelines. Have the DocuXplorer index sets updated so they can be used to track key review and action dates dictated by your records management policy.

    Customized employee training modules developed and delivered on any aspect of DocuXplorer usage, including:

  • Creating new file structures
  • Modifying existing file structures
  • Managing index sets
  • Searching more effectively
  • Setting up and maintaining information access controls.
  • DocuXplorer Training

    Do you have a new employee who needs to be onboarded to understand the many features and benefits of DocuXplorer, or do you want to better understand some of the features you may not have been using at full capacity? We offer customized training on a per-hour basis to ensure you and your workforce are utilizing DocuXplorer's full functionality to its greatest extent.

    Automated Workflow and BPM Services

    Take advantage of our expertise in workflow design and implementation by utilizing one of our consultants to build a customized workflow for your specific needs. Whether it's to manage expense reports, prospective new hire resumes, or standard operating procedure updates, our consultants will create the unique workflow you need.

    OCR and Smart Capture Training

    Learn to harness the power of OCR and Smart Capture to automate the import process of documents. What used to take weeks of manpower can take a few minutes to set up and automate.

    [tab name='Features']

    Document Capture and Import

    Adding files to DocuXplorer is simple and can be done with a variety of methods.

  • Any computer-generated file or scanned-in image can be stored in DocuXplorer. If the document is a computer-generated file (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WAV, MPG, etc.) it will be opened for viewing and editing by its source program, as long as the source program has been installed on that local computer and is the file type that is registered in the Windows Registry. Image files are viewed and annotated using the built-in DocuXplorer image viewer.
  • Import files from a scanner (local or network), email, fax machine, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, smartphone/tablet, or hard drive.
  • PDF Print Driver
    Capture information from any webpage or application to be stored quickly and easily as a PDF. If you can print it, you can seamlessly import it into DocuXplorer.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    OCR is a process where DocuXplorer converts scanned images of text (available in 110+ languages) to electronic text that can be searched, indexed, and retrieved within the software.

    You can automate the capturing of unstructured content to predefined locations by populating index set field data extracted from the document, reducing the amount of human interaction and reducing labor costs. This is invaluable when importing large quantities of documents.

    Smart Capture
    Our built-in proprietary technology imports files directly into a specific Cabinet, Drawer, and Folder, and DocuXplorer can automatically populate index set field data (such as invoice number or date).

    DX Import Engine (included with Subscription)

    DocuXplorer’s Import Engine allows users to automatically import index data and documents from an external source using a user-created job file. The job file can be any database-formatted file type. The job file data defines the location of the files to be imported, the location where the document is to be stored in DocuXplorer, and the index data to be associated with each document.

    The document import engine will create new Cabinets, Drawers, and Folders as needed, as well as import files and populate index fields associated with the documents. DocuXplorer's document Import Engine can also monitor a folder on a hard drive and automatically recognize a new job file added to that folder. DocuXplorer will then transparently run the import job. Our document import engine not only interfaces with Windows, Novell, and Linux, but also with AS400 ensuring a seamless process each and every time it runs. The Import Engine also works seamlessly with the Smart Capture feature.

    Client use cases have shown to run upwards of 100,000 documents per day. This feature dramatically reduces the laborious task of data entry.

    DX Email Assistant (included with Subscription)

    Let DocuXplorer monitor an email address and automatically file and index emails and their attachments into DocuXplorer. You can also trigger follow-up workflows when new emails are added to the system. Clients have used this to streamline applications and incoming vendor invoices but the options are endless.

    Custom File Structure

    DocuXplorer’s organizational structure (The Library Tree) is based on the familiar Cabinet, Drawer, and Folder system but enables flexibility that goes beyond the physical world and empowers you to optimize your business processes in a completely customizable fashion that works for you.

    The more organized your system’s structure is from the beginning, the better it will perform in the long run. We provide Taxonomy Consulting sessions to optimize your document management strategy and ensure you start off on the right foot.

    Quick Find

    DocuXplorer’s robust search engine can instantly find a single document amongst millions of documents in the database.

  • Create tags or metadata customized specifically for your organization, enabling you and your team to search for and locate documents quickly and easily.
  • DocuXplorer’s index validation process ensures that users must type in all required information to ensure the data is consistent with a look-up list.
  • Keyword/Boolean searches can also be performed for embedded content in documents.
  • Format and print reports from a folder and query result lists. A user can also export a folder and query results list data to Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML and CSV for additional reporting flexibility.
  • Document preview lets you view a thumbnail or hover and view a preview of the file before opening it.
  • Saved Searches enable you to quickly query documents on the same set of criteria. You can also schedule this to happen on an ongoing basis with our schedule report workflow to manage data retention policies or generate monthly data summaries.
  • Version Control

    Maintain and track a history of changes you and other users make to any file type you store in DocuXplorer. This can be set as a default or on a document-by-document basis. Document versions are tracked by the time and date of modification and by author. The integrity of prior versions is always maintained.


    Set tasks, reminders, and statuses to documents, so your team stays up to date with current versions and next step action items.

  • Check-in/check-out functionality is available. Documents can be “checked out” so only one user can perform edits. No other changes will be allowed until the user checks the document back in.
  • Multiple users can view a document at the same time. The final document will show in the list view and all prior versions that are saved will appear in the document event log.
  • Documents can be forwarded to other users via email or using the index set fields (workflow) and running a saved search to see the documents that require an action step (such as an approval processes).
  • In the document preview screen, there is a tab labeled “Description” that allows users to have an ongoing dialogue related to the document.
  • Automatic alerts are included as part of our workflow design tool, allowing you to customize and execute workflows such as approvals or reminders. Additionally, users can access saved searches for semi-automated workflow, including alerts (when a status is changed from pending to approved for example).
  • The Templates Folder in the Library structure enables users to save templates and other forms that are regularly used for easy access.
  • Determine your current document processing costs with our DMS ROI Calculator.

    Document Signing

    DocuXplorer works with all e-signature tools using our API. Our native integration with DocuSign and ZorroSign provides a seamless process to send documents for encrypted, legally binding signatures with quick lookup in the future.

  • DocuSign Integration
  • ZorroSign Digital Signature Integration.
  • Automated Workflow

    Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enable collaboration, and boost productivity. The workflow designer lets you automate each step in your organization’s many business processes. As your documents are added to a workflow, they are sent to the right people, with email notifications alerting users to take the next step.

    For power users and administrators, our business process management solution allows you to monitor and track a particular document’s status and progress, so you can anticipate any potential issues before they happen! Best of all, employees are now free to handle more productive day-to-day tasks.

    This value-added functionality allows users to:

  • Identify and track workflow tasks as they progress
  • Prioritize the documents/tasks they are responsible for
  • Build their own customized workflows using our easy-to-use workflow designer
  • Improve departmental and organization-wide collaboration as tasks and documents are automatically sent from one user to another
  • DocuXplorer comes with a library of the most common workflows including setting reminders, request for approval, digital signatures, and setting a scheduled report. You can use these out of the box, make your own edits, start from scratch, or have an expert build them for you. Learn more.

    [tab name='Security']

    Security is paramount for our clients. DocuXplorer uses various levels of obfuscation or encryption to store and communicate its data from unauthorized individuals. DocuXplorer uses simple variable-length keys from 1 to 256 bytes to initialize a 256-byte state table to the Federal Information Processing Standard, known as FIPS, to protect your information. FIPS protection is sold as an additional module for our hosted service subscribers.

    DocuXplorer enables clients to be compliant with government requirements for document security including HIPAA, SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, and EU GDPR regulations. Our built-in multilevel security system ensures your confidential data is safeguarded.

    User Permissions

  • Administrators can control which users have the right to view, edit, move, delete, clone, etc. any document.
  • Security permissions can be controlled from the Library itself, down to the Cabinets, Drawers, Folders, Documents, and even the Index Sets making these options invisible to users based on their login.
  • Using index set fields or the “Check-in/Check-out” feature, you can also monitor who is in possession of the physical file outside of DocuXplorer.
  • Audit Trail

    Whether it’s because of government regulations or because you simply want to track your users’ progress, DocuXplorer has you covered by providing a documented timestamped audit trail.

    Document Event Log
    The Document Event Log tracks every action taken on a document, stamping it with the event date and time, and the name of the operator who performed the action.

    Library Event Log
    The Library Event Log captures data on every action taken on every document in the Library that can then be used to create reports and track user activity.

    [tab name='Technical Specs']


        Microsoft Users

        Basic requirements for hardware prior to implementation:

      1. DocuXplorer can operate on a client’s existing network hardware.
      2. Workstations require Microsoft Windows 7 or greater and supported hardware.
      3. Apple Users

      4. Use Remote Desktop access to enjoy the full benefits of DocuXplorer.
      5. Web Access can be used by end-users with read and write or read-only capabilities.
      6. Enterprise Server recommendations

      7. Windows 2008 or greater
      8. Compatible Scanners

        Any scanner that supports a TWAIN driver is compatible with DocuXplorer. All of the scanner models listed below have been tested with their supplied TWAIN drivers and also appear to have interfaced successfully with all versions of DocuXplorer. Nonetheless, Archive Power Systems, Inc. cannot guarantee that these scanners will be fully compatible with the DocuXplorer product line due to the fact that we were unable to encompass all the possible operating systems and scanner drivers during the rigorous testing process.

      9. Agfa
      10. Artek
      11. Avigramm
      12. Avision
      13. Bell & Howell
      14. BenQ(Acer)
      15. Brother
      16. Canon
      17. Epson
      18. Fujitsu
      19. Genius
      20. Hewlett-Packard
      21. Lexmark
      22. Microtek
      23. Mustek
      24. Panasonic
      25. Plustek
      26. Primax
      27. Relisys
      28. Umax
      29. Visioneer
      30. Xerox
      31. Technical Support

        Email technical support is free between 8am - 6pm (U.S. Eastern Time).

        Additional support may be purchased so that assistance can be provided after hours or on weekends. In these cases, we offer several levels of pay-per-incident phone support or Super Support—an industry-leading support solution.

        We offer four levels of support based on the particular issue:

        Super Support (most popular)

      32. Users enjoy priority access and unlimited phone and web-based technical support with one of our trained technicians. Clients have the added bonus of receiving new features, bug fixes, and other product enhancements before the scheduled release dates. Most popular with new clients and enterprise clients.
      33. Level 1 Support

      34. Incidents are limited to basic usage issues (i.e., “How do I find a file?”). Level 1 support excludes consulting services, training, and database repairs.
      35. Level 2 Support

      36. Hourly support covering all aspects of DocuXplorer. Level 2 excludes consulting services, training, and database repairs.
      37. Level 3 Support

      38. Hourly support covering consulting services, training, and database repairs.

        Account Manager: You will be assigned a personal account manager to help you with any issues you may experience. Your account manager will maintain regular contact to ensure the software is performing properly and to address any training needs required by users.

        Development Team: Our Development team makes ongoing updates, bug fixes, and upgrades to the software to maintain leadership in the industry. If a client has specific feature requests that may not be available in the current version, DocuXplorer will add this to our list of client requests for a future build.

      Disclaimer: Information may not be accurate or may change at any time. Access Scanning is just a re-seller, manufacturer owns rights and trademarks of software. Description was provided by manufacturer.

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